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Support NIE

Your generous contributions make the e-NIE program possible. Check out the many ways you can support NIE and provide sponsored copies of the The State and free educational resources for area classrooms!

The Vacation Donation Program — Leaving town?

Your unread newspapers can help provide area students with sponsored electronic editions of the newspaper during the school year.

Call 1-888-888-3566 to donate

Individual Donations — Do you like what you see?

The NIE program supports literacy and provides countless resources for not only area teachers but for the local community at large. Consider making an individual donation to partner with us as we stand together to support the next generation of readers.

Mail to:
The State Media Co., NIE Dept.
P.O.Box 1333
Columbia, SC  29202

To make a donation or questions:

Please contact The NIE Manager at:

803-771-8320 or

Business Benefits:

  • Receive the gratitude of the students and teachers you sponsor.
  • Display the NIE sponsor certificate in your place of business.
  • Be an advocate in promoting literacy.